Elementary Program (ages 6 - 12)

Hoaloha Kai's Elementary program is designed with the elementary (6 to 12) child in mind.  We inspire curiosity and encourage exploration through multi-media lessons and active learning. Children at this age are ready to explore the connections between all things around them. 

These connections are first introduced with the Great Lessons, stories that are told, illustrated, and acted out at the beginning of every school year.  Each of the Great Lessons introduces one of the subject areas in the elementary class.  The first story, "The Coming of the Universe", introduces geography, geology, chemistry, and physics with specific attention given to how particles behave.  The other Great Lessons provide launching points for biology, human history and prehistory, language, mathematics, geometry, music, and art. Every lesson that follows relates to those first stories while illuminating specific details in greater depth.

This method of presenting a picture of the whole, then exploring details appeals to the elementary mind.  It also offers a structure for the thought process that will be used throughout life.  All adults who achieve success in their fields; be they entrepreneurs, CEOs, artists, scientists, change makers, or parents, have this ability to see the whole, then identify the details that need further attention.  This is the goal of the elementary program – to prepare children for life. 



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