Toddler Community Program

The Toddler Community at Hoaloha Kai Montessori School is a warm and nurturing environment specially prepared to meet the developmental needs of children up to 3 years of age. A specially trained and educated Montessori guide assists each individual child in developing gross and fine motor skills, social skills, independence, concentration, and language skills.

The young child explores, learns about, and takes on the characteristics of her culture through appropriate activity and the use of her senses, thus creating her intelligence and forming human characteristics. The carefully prepared activities available in our Toddler Community help each child to satisfy her natural internal needs for development. Such activities include the development of language, caring for oneself and for the environment, taking part in preparing food, music and singing, movement, and social interaction with peers and adults.

Great care and attention placed upon providing a peaceful environment that is safe, both physically and emotionally. Both the inside and the outside environment are beautifully and thoughtfully organized. All furnishings and materials are child-sized and are real and are not just play imitations of adult sized-materials. No objects with cartoon or media-type characteristics are present in the environment. The environment—which is made up of the physical space, activities, routines, and interactions between the adult and children—is predictable, which provides a foundation of security allowing the child to develop a deep level of trust in the environment and in her own abilities creating within the child an authentic and positive sense of self-esteem.

Hoaloha Kai Montessori School recognizes and respects the great importance that the infant and toddler years play in the formation and subsequent success of each child.

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